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See what our parents and students say!

Happy Reader

Parent of a 3rd grader

Honestly you have made such a difference for my daughter. She now asks to read books which never happened before!"

Parent of a 5th grader

"Homework is less of a fight now. He is reading better each day and he knows it is hard because his brain works differently not because he isn't smart. This has made all the difference with his confidence."

Parent of a 3rd grader

"Most recently I find her snuck away in her room with the door shut unwinding with her books. She's so proud to make me guess which page she started on and where she ended up. It's awesome to see her thrive this way!"

5th grade student

I loved being in your dyslexia class so much and I had so much fun!"

3rd grade student

"I used to be bad at reading, but now I'm not anymore!"

 2nd grade student

You make the letter shapes stick in my brain!
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